Community Leaders At Amma’s Doorstep

June 17, 2008

This video captures some of what went on outside of the Hilton LAX on Monday when Amma “The Hugging Saint of India” decided to go ahead and hold her event at the boycotted hotel.

Please forward and share this video to your friends and post it on your Facebook and MySpace pages. Help spread the word around. Boycott Hilton LAX! Si se puede!

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Community Rallies To Meet Amma At Hilton LAX

June 16, 2008

Community members rallied outside of the Hilton LAX on Monday to ask Amma to not hold her event at the boycotted Hilton LAX. Members of the Coalition For A New Century held a press conference outside of the hotel where they told the press that they wanted Amma to sign a pledge in support of the workers at that hotel.

Reporters from La Opinion, ABC, Univision, and Azteca America attended the press conference and interviewed community members and workers who were at the event. The community is holding a 30-hour action in solidarity of hotel workers at the Hilton LAX. They will be outside of the hotel until tomorrow at 4 p.m.